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Spirited Network is the place where Spiritual Healers and Teachers take control…, providing an intersection where their teaching meets technology, enabling them to manage and grow their practice in an online process to nurture their careers on their own terms using our Marketing & Management Solutions.




Niki Faldemolaei, Director


Niki Faldemolaei is a 30-year veteran to marketing and sales in the biotech, wellness and new media industries.  She leads companies into the social media networking realm by introducing ecommerce solutions and social networks Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Wordpress communications to add traffic to the Website and the world. Niki also practices Pranic Healing®, a simple yet powerful and effective system of energy healing originated and developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself.  She is also a Dakini having studied under the expertise of Laurie Handlers, Baba Dez, Lawrence Lanoff, Crystal Dawn Morris and several other skilled teachers.  She is based in Sedona and Southern California.



Branislav Gjorcevski - Business Development / CTO


Branislav is the creator of the technology behind Spirited Network. His company, Cutting Edge Intelligence (CEI) and their application inventions, programming expertise and technical management have given rise to a unique set of tools and futuristic philosophies for new media creation, monetization and distribution. In Spirited Network, Branislav synergizes the visions of the entertainment industry, studios, labels and advertisers alike in unique portals that put the power of creation and distribution into the hands of the Practitioners. Within CEI, Branislav leads a team of developers, designers and other IT experts that will involve their knowledge and experience into the development of Spirited Network making it one of the most competitive business models and products in the online healing arts industry. Some of the projects that Branislav and CEI were involved in are: Robert Plant, Right Treatment (Doctor Service), Artist Intersect eFans, AllGov (Independent President), Hummingbird Pictures, Federal Grants Law, etc.





Cutting Edge Intelligence LLC.


Their streamlined and flexible approach allows ArtistIntersect™ to engage the latest technologies in order to create cutting edge toolset and functionality that can significantly help ArtistIntersect™ clients’ business. Their development skills range from desktop applications to online platforms, and from simple webpages to complex and robust software on any operating system. Their design and interactivity goes from graphics to html, ajax to flesh and flex. There is very long list of modules that they have created and are in the process of creation, some of them are: Social networking modules and functionality, Portals (universal), Interactive Chats, Audio/Video Streaming, Blogs, Forums, Shopping Carts (shop-in-shop), Viral Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Online Editing Tools, Video Mashaps, Online Video Contests, Survey Generators and many more.


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