So far, Spirited Network has been helping the following practices:


Source School of Tantra - Charles Muir

Considered the Pioneer of Tantra and the Godfather of Tantra Yoga

Source School of Tantra Yoga


ONAC - Oklevueha Native American Church

ONAC's Mission is to maintain the integrity of bona fide American Native Indigenous ceremonies, thus serving the communities in which we reside.


ISTA: International School of Temple Arts

ISTA is best known for its World Tour, pioneered by Baba Dez Nichols and joined by other teachers and speakers who simply want to plug into a worldwide network of like-minded practitioners, seekers, students and other teachers.


Baba Dez Nichols

With intent and awareness we arrive in a place of wholeness where we embrace, appreciate, and celebrate life force energy fully and completely.



The Australasia leg of the ISTA family of websites features the recent Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness in Byron Bay, NSW and the New Zealand Tour.


Sedona Temple

Spirited Network allows Sedona Temple the freedom to take control of their online presence and all of their content in an instant.



This site is still work in progress and promises to bring a wealth of resources to anyone who wants to learn more about Tantra.


Tantra for Awakening

One of our more active content providers and social networking queen.


Spirited Senses Store

Sex Toys and sensual books, DVDs, and music.





ONAC - Oklevueha Native American Church


Oklevueha Native American Church



ISTA - International School of Temple Arts

ISTA World Tour

ISTA - International School of Temple Arts



Baba Dez Nichols

Baba Dez

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Practitioner, Pioneer

  • Sedona Temple

    Sedona Temple and Shool of Temple Arts


    Educational Hub for Teachers and Practitioners

  • Tantra for Awakening

    Tantra Teacher Training and Couples Counseling